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A friend of mine is going to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican next month. For those who are in the SCA you will know what a huge honor this is. For those who who aren’t in the SCA, never mind. Just know that is is a pretty cool thing. I am arranging a vigil for him, and making him a new wool tunic. I’ve chosen a deep burgundy-purple wool for the tunic, and dark green linen for the pants. I have a light tan wool for the neck facing. I’ve used my poor drawing skills to trace an embroidery design around the keyhole neck. His device is acorns, so I’m using acorns as the focus in the design. I hope to use my handspun wool embroidery thread for most of it, but I will use a bit of commercial black silk to outline the motifs, and some store bought wool for the broad band of couchedwork at the edge for a border . Berwyn has an Anglo-Saxon persona from after the Norman Conquest. He’s not rabid about authenticity, so I think the pattern I have chosen will work. Now I have three weeks to embroider the collar and sew the tunic and pants. Wish me luck!


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