Adventures In Bathing

I’m not up to doing the Thursday 13 this week. Instead here is a post about my night. Sigh.

So I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday and I decided I couldn’t bear it any more. I thought I’d have better chance of controlling the water on my finger in the tub rather than the shower. So I filled the bathtub with warm (not hot) water and set the shampoo and conditioner on the ledge and the towel close to hand. I took the metal splint thingie off, made sure the bandage completely covered the stitches and the rubber finger thingie they gave me at the clinic was over all of it, and sat in the water. Then I stuck my right hand in the air, laid back in the water, submerged my head and came back up, streaming water and hair like a mermaid, only less gracefully.

I awkwardly squirted shampoo into my palm. Well, I tried to squirt shampoo into my palm. Most of it hit the bathwater. Blast, and assorted other mild cusswords. Tried again. Lathered part of my head. Couldn’t reach the other side. Well, good enough. Went back down to rinse. My hair is down past my waist and the water was just up past my waist, so about 8 inches of hair was floating in the now slightly scummy water. ick. Quick, use conditioner. W/out conditioner there’s no way I’m getting a comb through this mess. Now the water is even more scummy, and I can tell I didn’t get the conditioner rinsed out very well.

By this time my finger is hurting a bit. Did you know that when you curl some fingers they all want to curl? Yeah. More cursing, less mild now. Well, conditioner left in the hair wouldn’t hurt anything. And that bottom eight inches floating in the scum? Well, I’m doing my best, so hush.

I looked around for the soap so I could try to wash my body (at least the parts of it I could reach). The soap was way up there, where I can reach it when showering. $h*t! Fudge! Well, my body got wet. That’s something, right? I scrambled out of the tub, spraying scummy water everywhere. The cats looked at me like I was a monster emerging from Tokyo Bay, and scuttled out of the bathroom as fast as they could go. I tried to wrap my hair up in a towel using only one hand. Boy, is that a trick. Once I had it precariously wrapped in a towel/turban I pulled my nightgown over my head. Unfortunately, that dragged the towel down, and it was trapped under my nightie at the top of my back. While trying to wrestle the sodden (not sodding, although, that word is … Never mind) thing loose, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I was appalled at my likeness to Quasimodo.I hurried to yank the towel free. Washing my hair was supposed to make me feel better about my appearance. With my arms up I also noticed that my armpits are growing a rain forest. Oy!

I tried to comb my hair. Really. Then I tried to braid it. Can you say Ouch? And other less polite four letter words. Repeatedly. At top volume. I put the finger brace back on and tried again to braid it. The velcro on the finger brace now has a nice collection of three foot long strands of hair. I have a loose, uneven braid of snarls, a sopping wet bathroom, three terrfied cats and a finger that hurts like a b*tch.

Tomorrow I’ll try the shower. It’s GOTTA be easier.


, Book Two Eden Bradley’s Midnight Playground series, is out today from Samhain Publishing! You can find it at MBaM, Amazon, and other retail outlets!

An ancient vampire, an ancient grief…a love that makes his blood sing…

Midnight Playground, Book 2

London, 2069

Aleron is ancient, powerful, immortal…a vampire who idles away his time playing at his favorite haunt, Midnight Playground. His favorite toys: beautiful young men. His game: BDSM, experiencing through the minds of his partners the sensations he can no longer quite feel himself.
The one thing he has vowed to avoid at all costs is love, especially for a woman. In a hundred years he has never been tempted to break that vow—until a lovely mortal woman enters his dungeon to watch him play. And his blood hums the ancient song of long-forgotten desire.
Raised in the Indian slums of London, exotic dancer Meeraj enters Midnight Playground a woman with nothing left to lose, numb to all but the most extreme forms of stimulation. As she watches Aleron’s blood play, she knows only his razor-sharp skills will satisfy. And she catches an odd mental glimpse of the grief that shadows his heart.
From their first touch, they are caught up in a whirlwind of exquisite agony that releases their emotions from the weight of the past. Exposing them to risks they’ve both fought to avoid. Love…and loss.
Visit the Smutketeers blog for contests running all week long to celebrate the release of BLOODSONG!

Three Stitches Later…

Monday was the first official day of my long-awaited vacation! Friday was just an extra day off for my birthday. So yesterday I woke up late, made coffee, knitted while listening to Il Divo. It was lovely. The cats were well behaved, taking turns sitting in my lap while I maneuvered the cardigan in progress around them. Then I got dressed and cleaned the bathroom thoroughly and did laundry. About 1:30 I began reading all my correspondence and replied to those i needed to. It was good to get that taken care of. After all that, I opened my long neglected WiP (book 2 of the After the Crash series) and re-read and began doing some editing as i went along. After  I finished reading I got up to make supper and while I did that I plotted the next chapter. Home made chili is a favorite for cold evenings. Too bad we’re having a warm spell right now. 🙂 But it was tasty. After eating I began to bag up the garbage to take out. I still needed to clean up spills on the stove, unload the dishwasher and load up the supper dishes. I hoped to have an hour to write before Dancing With the Stars came on. I forgot or maybe just didn’t notice that the empty kidney bean can in the garbage had a sharp lid.

O. M. G.

At first I didn’t feel anything. I noticed a dark stream of some liquid running down my arm. I was surprised to see the blood splatter on the white garbage bag and the kitchen floor. I followed the red path to my right forefinger, which was belching out an amazing amount of blood. And then the pain hit. All thought of my characters and their soon-to-occur separation fled from my mind. I grabbed paper towel to try to stop the bleeding. No go. Maybe  I should go to the clinic?  I called several friends, but none was available to drive me to the clinic. I grabbed the whole roll of paper towels, threw on a sweater and hustled out the door.

In retrospect, the choice of the white cardigan may not have been the best…

The flu season hasn’t really started yet so the walk in clinic was nearly empty.  I got three stitches, a honking big tube of antibiotic cream, a finger brace and I would have gotten a tetnus shot if I hadn’t had one just a year and half ago. I got home to an apartment of dried blood, scattered trash, and a kitchen full of the debris of chili making. The cats got one whiff of the hospital stench that clung to me and hissed. Boy, did I feel loved.

What were my plans for my vacation? Knitting, sewing and writing. How many of those activities require the use of the right forefinger? Hm. Let me think. Happy vacation to me. Actually, I can knit, very slowly, but my tension is flooey. And I can type, but it too is slow, and I have tons of typos. And it hurts. The handsewing? Well, not so much.  I guess that means I have to read for my own entertainment. I can do that with my injured hand raised like a kid in school who has a question.

I had no idea how much I use my forefinger.  Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Comb your hair? Trim your finger nails? Open a can. Brush your cat. Shift gears in your car. Write a rent check. Use your phone. Stir pancake batter and make pancakes. Sweep the floor?

Sigh. I will still try to write, but I’m adjusting my goals to take rest breaks into account. It could have been worse. The slice is across the top of the finger, and the was no tendon damage. I just have a perfect excuse to not sweep my floor or do any more housework. Right?


I work for Medicare. I don’t hate my job, but a vacation is a wonderful thing. I have been looking forward to this for months! I don’t go back until Tuesday October 5. What am I going to do on my vacation? Well…

I’m going to clean. A little each day for at  least 5 days of the vacation. And start climbing the mountain of dirty clothes.

I’m taking my mom on a drive so we can admire the fall leaves.

Spend most of Saturday with SCA friends who are in town for Knight’s School.

I’m going to knit: finish my my brother’s hat, finish my handspun cardigan, cast on my mom’s faroese shawl, cast on a pair of socks for me.

I want to cut out and sew a nice Italian Ren gown, nice but not  court-gown-fancy

I’m going to read. Sleep late. Drink coffee. Hang out online with the Romance Divas and catch up on all the posts.

I need to write approx 12,000 words to finish my wip, so: Write an average of 1500 words a day so I can FINISH writing The Wolf’s Glory.

Go to Minneapolis to visit my brother where we’ll go to the Farmer’s Market and catch a Twins game, and visit friends. And sleep late, drink coffee and play online.

Is it too much? I kinda think I’m trying to squeeze too much into my days.  Mybe  ishould settle for a little cleaning, a little knitting and a lot of writing. I’ll report back in a few days and say how it’s going.

All my life I have loved cats. I currently have three, all girls — er, that is, they were girls. They are all spayed, and two of them are declawed, and all three were rescues. They can sometimes be evil. They are cats, after all. But they are so precious to me. Like most doting parents I have a whole collection of pictures to brag over. So I have pulled out 13 of my favorite pictures of my babies to share.

1. Here is a pic of all three together. It was an historic event.

2. This is the Merry Miaow, my first born. She was a teeny little ball of white fluff with a gray splotch on her headwhen I got her. She is sweet, but shy. I’ve had her about 7 years.      

3. This is Black Magic Cat. She was almost skin and bones when I got her.  She has fattened up nicely. I keep telling her she can quit gaining weight  now. Her coat was mangy and dull and she had sores. Now she’s shiny and healthy, and the most friendly cat I’ve ever had. She’s 6 or 7. Not sure how old she was when I got her, but probably about 2 years old.

4.     This is Little Bit only a couple weeks after I got her. Her real name is Masuku, which is Japenese for Mask.  She was born in a state park and she and her siblings were caught and brought to the rescue house where I was asked to foster her and get her socialized  for adoption. Yeah. You can see how that turned out. I’ve had her three years now. She is extremely skittish and I have friends who have spent hours at my place but have never seen her.

5.  She loves Christmas. Silent Night, Sleep in Heavenly Peace is more than just a song for her 🙂 

6.  Merry is very fond of all my crafts. She especially loves knitting and spinning, but sewing is close behind.  She insists on sitting, laying, sprawling on my fabric and generously donating as much hair as possible to each and every project I do.

7.  Merry and Little Bit with sleep together.

                                                              8. And Magic and Little Bit will sleep together.   9. But this is the closest Magic and Merry will get to each other.    

10.  But Magic and Little Bit are good buddies.

11. They even sit in the window together, a lovely sillouette, if only that silly cat wouldn’t have turned her head…

12. Sometimes Merry likes to keep to herself. She’s a bit of a diva.

13. But that is nothing compared to Little Bit’s ego. She’s a real Prima Donna.

There. Thirteen images of my cats for Thursday 13! Ain’t they cute?  Do you have any beloved pets?

Geez, Carina Press is becoming a fave of mine. Here’s the second book out from them today that I can’t wait to read!

Posted Image

Cursed with the sight and rumors of witchcraft, Rosalind’s only chance at an ordinary life is marriage to Lucien, Viscount Hastings. She doesn’t expect love, only security and children of her own. Determined to go through with the wedding, she allows nothing she encounters at the gloomy Castle St. Clare to dissuade her.

Recently returned from the Continent, Lucien has no time for the English mouse his family has arranged for him to marry—not when he’s plotting to avenge the murder of his beloved Francesca. He has no intention of bedding Rosalind, not even to sire an heir.

Though spurned by her bridegroom, Rosalind turns to him for protection when she is plagued by a series of mysterious accidents and haunted by terrifying visions. Forced to keep Rosalind close—and tempted into passionate kisses—Lucien soon finds himself in grave danger of falling in love with his own wife…

Purchase The Spurned Viscountess

Gambit by Kim Knox

This is a book I’ve been eagerly waiting for. I’m off to buy it now! It’s cool and overcast here in North Dakota today. Perfect reading weather!

Gambit by Kim Knox

Captain Chae Beyon is a hustler, a mercenary pilot, a wounded woman who prefers her men to be easily thrown aside.

Daned Traern is a first-caste Ladaian bound by tradition and DNA to protect his race. He’s willing to align himself with the hot space captain if she’ll transport him home in time to ensure the right candidate is crowned—and thus prevent a bloody war.

Disguised as Chae’s sex toy, Daned is erotically bound to her through living gold, alien tech designed to increase pleasure. When he frees himself, their passion only increases…but succumbing to temptation will bind them together—permanently.

But there’s more at stake than their needs. As Chae is dragged into a world of insane princes and sentient stones, hired killers hound them across the quadrant.

And then, as only her lousy luck would have it, Chae must choose between the good of the galaxy and her own heart…

It’s available from Carina Press here