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I have recently fallen in love with all things steampunk! The dress, the technology, the fact that females are generally allowed freedom not found in historical romance. This book by Samhaim has it all. Give me a brainy heroine anyday!


The last thing she planned to steal was his heart.

The Company. Military institution, protector of Praeton and the nation of Grand Isle. Dirty rotten thief.

When Pandora Bramble steps aboard the Company’s premiere airship Daedalus it’s not for the exclusive VIP tour. It’s to secure proof that the Company stole the regulator valve her father designed—even if it means tearing the engine apart. Foiled by the unexpected appearance of a handsome crew member, she despairs of ever getting another chance—until he kisses her.

Captain Theolonius Hatch, sentenced to engine room duty for refusing to take part in the Company’s fleet week activities, never dreamed a woman like Pandora existed. Her brains match her beauty, a combination that adds up to more trouble than he ever expected.

As Pandora allows Theolonius to sweep her into a whirlwind courtship, her wildest dreams come true. As do her greatest fears, leaving her to decide what matters most. Loyalty…or love.

The clock is ticking.


Product Warnings

This book contains airships, mechanical owls, women who are good with tools, men in and out of uniform, steam generated by engines and people, and some hot carriage scenes.


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Thursday 13

Hello, this might be my last post in this blog. The wonderful Ria Ritchey is designing a website for me. It is up, but is only in the bare bones stage while she works on some extras like a contact page, importing this blog to the blog on the website and adding some photos. So here are 13 things about my new website:

1. The first thing is the web addy: www.maddybarone.com

2. I like my tagline: “Unlock Your Imagination” It covers more than just paranormal romance, since almost any book involves using your imagination. Someday I’d like top write other types of stories besides erotic romance.

3. The door with its iron scrollwork sits in mist, making me think of dreams, and the key hanging by my name hopefully invites the visitor to unlock the door.

4. I want visitors to feel like they can let go of everyday life and relax with my stories.

5. My “About Me” page may have to change. I’ve decided that a list of facts isn’t very interesting.

6. I haven’t gotten the final cover art for my book yet, so my “Books” page isn’t very inviting. I hope when I get the cover art it will immediatly draw the reader in.

7. I would like a side bars on every page. On the Home page I’d like to have my book with a purchase link in a sidebar so the visitor doesn’t HAVE to click every tab to find the important things.

8. I need to learn how to maintain and update my website myself.

9. I need ideas for what should be on my home page.

10. I need to know how often I should update the website.

11. I wonder how much does a website help an author sell books? Is it important?

12. I wonder if there is a way for me to add moire pages under my Books page in the future. Hopefully I’ll have a whole bunch of books on there someday.

13. I’m very excited to have a website!!

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Doesn’t this sound good? I love the Nocturne line from Harlequin because we get great characters with paranormal stories that edge outside the box. Stephanie Draven has written several for this line and they are all good with interesting plotlines. Not the same old, same old.

He can wear the face of anyone who has ever hurt him…

This former soldier-turned-gun-runner thinks his true identity is safe, but a mysterious woman is about to force him to face the tragic past he thought he left behind.

She can disguise herself as the only woman he’s ever loved…

It’s not easy to be a Daddy’s Girl when your father is Ares, Greek God of War. To thwart her father and all those who serve him, Kyra intends to assassinate a modern day hydra. To kill him, she needs to seduce him, but Marco Kaisaris isn’t the monster she thinks he is–and even if he doesn’t break her heart, he may still be the death of her.

Can they see past each other’s masks to find a love that’s more than skin deep?

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Bloodsong by Eden Bradley

, Book Two Eden Bradley’s Midnight Playground series, is out today from Samhain Publishing! You can find it at MBaM, Amazon, and other retail outlets!

An ancient vampire, an ancient grief…a love that makes his blood sing…

Midnight Playground, Book 2

London, 2069

Aleron is ancient, powerful, immortal…a vampire who idles away his time playing at his favorite haunt, Midnight Playground. His favorite toys: beautiful young men. His game: BDSM, experiencing through the minds of his partners the sensations he can no longer quite feel himself.
The one thing he has vowed to avoid at all costs is love, especially for a woman. In a hundred years he has never been tempted to break that vow—until a lovely mortal woman enters his dungeon to watch him play. And his blood hums the ancient song of long-forgotten desire.
Raised in the Indian slums of London, exotic dancer Meeraj enters Midnight Playground a woman with nothing left to lose, numb to all but the most extreme forms of stimulation. As she watches Aleron’s blood play, she knows only his razor-sharp skills will satisfy. And she catches an odd mental glimpse of the grief that shadows his heart.
From their first touch, they are caught up in a whirlwind of exquisite agony that releases their emotions from the weight of the past. Exposing them to risks they’ve both fought to avoid. Love…and loss.
Visit the Smutketeers blog for contests running all week long to celebrate the release of BLOODSONG!

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Gambit by Kim Knox

This is a book I’ve been eagerly waiting for. I’m off to buy it now! It’s cool and overcast here in North Dakota today. Perfect reading weather!

Gambit by Kim Knox

Captain Chae Beyon is a hustler, a mercenary pilot, a wounded woman who prefers her men to be easily thrown aside.

Daned Traern is a first-caste Ladaian bound by tradition and DNA to protect his race. He’s willing to align himself with the hot space captain if she’ll transport him home in time to ensure the right candidate is crowned—and thus prevent a bloody war.

Disguised as Chae’s sex toy, Daned is erotically bound to her through living gold, alien tech designed to increase pleasure. When he frees himself, their passion only increases…but succumbing to temptation will bind them together—permanently.

But there’s more at stake than their needs. As Chae is dragged into a world of insane princes and sentient stones, hired killers hound them across the quadrant.

And then, as only her lousy luck would have it, Chae must choose between the good of the galaxy and her own heart…

It’s available from Carina Press here

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The Commanded/Asberek series from Jennifer Leeland continues. Check it out from Liquid Silver Books!

Commanded To Yield
Jennifer Leeland
ISBN 978-1-59578-731-6

Molten Silver title

For thirty years, Asberek has maintained peace with her mother planet, Earth. But when Earth Central tries to assassinate the colony’s leader, the ties that hold them together are threatened. Earth Central sends Fallon Denny, a smart and savvy diplomat, to negotiate with the colonial council.

The minute Matthew Lestrano meets the visiting Earthling, he’s torn between his loyalty to the colony and his lust for the beautiful, but dangerous, visitor. Once again, the drug that permeates Asberek’s atmosphere leads to strange connections, and Matthew finds that dominating Fallon Denny may lead to his downfall.

Treachery and betrayal create cracks in negotiations. When Fallon’s life is as risk, Matthew is the only one who can save her, and she finds there is more than politics at stake when she is commanded to yield.

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Icarus Rising by Bernadette Gardner

Doesn’t this sound good? It’s available from Liquid Silver Books.

Icarus Rising
Bernadette Gardner
ISBN 978-1-59578-746-0

To save a dying race, sociologist Caleb Faulkner will forfeit his humanity. He has volunteered to join with an alien creature in order to take part in an ambitious breeding program designed to spare the dominant race on the planet Icarus from certain extinction. Dr. Zara Abbott has spent months helping to prepare Caleb for the joining, hiding her feelings for the man who will become the mate to an Icarian female as soon as he receives his symbiotic wings. When the joining proves disastrous, Caleb and his alien symbion can think of only one thing, mating with Zara. After so long preparing to sacrifice Caleb to the Icarians, will she be able to refuse the man who makes her heart take flight?

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