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I was born in Milwaukee WI at the tail end of the baby boom. My family moved a couple times while I was growing up, ending up in Moorhead MN. I fooled a couple years away in college before joining the National Guard. After 8 years in the uard I went back to college and did it right. I have a BA in History, which is probably why I work in the financial department at Medicare. I am a member of the SCA, a non-profit education organization that studies the renaissance and middle ages. I have been blessed with many friends in the SCA from all over the Kingdom of Northshield. In the SCA I am Baroness Maria Maddalena da Monreale. I am a writer of paranormal romance. Is there anything sexier than a tough man who melts for one special woman? I signed a contract with Liquid Silver Books in July 2010. I'm not sure when the book will be out, but i'm guessing sometime around Christmas.

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